Tempus® Air MS

Single/Multi Sensors Module

LoRa™ controlled, IP68 battery operated single/multi sensors module.

The module receives field data from 1-4 sensor inputs (among temperature, soil humidity, air humidity, wind and pluviometer).
The module communicates with Gateway (3G or Wi-Fi) transmitting detected field data.
The module allows direct connection from smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth®.


LoRa™ Radio Connection [868-868.6] MHz, 25mW
1 or 4 sensor inputs (S1 or S4 respectively)
LoRa™ range up to 800 m
1 temperature acquisition input (S4 model only)
1 or 3 configurable inputs (respectively for D1 and S4):
- Dry contact (rain sensor, wind sensor...)
- Pulse (flow meter, wind sensor)
- Analog 0-3,5V (humidity sensor, tensiometer...)
Bluetooth® Smart 4.0 Low Energy
Alert function based on daily thresholds
Remote management via MyToroTempus App and MyToroTempus.com Web Platform
IP68 waterproof

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