Neptune® HW

Heavy Wall dripline

Neptune HW dripline with flat emitter is designed for irrigating multi-year and seasonal crops.

The turbulent emitter with its wide flow path gives Neptune HW high resistance to clogging. The use of top-quality polymers ensures high durability and resistance to possible mechanical damage.

Neptune HW has been designed and produced according to the highest quality standards and represents an accessible but top performance economic investment.


The five flat emitters, the two diameters, the different wall thickness and emitters spacing making it possible to offer Neptune HW in a complete range of configurations:
Diameter 16 mm (I.D. 13,8 mm)
- wall thickness 35 mil (0,9 mm)
- wall thickness 39 mil (1,0 mm)
- wall thickness 43 mil (1,1 mm)
Diameter 20 mm (I.D. 17,6 mm)
- wall thickness 35 mil (0,9 mm)
- wall thickness 39 mil (1,0 mm)
- wall thickness 47 mil (1,2 mm)
Emitters spacing:
- 25/30/40/50/60/70/75/80/90/100 cm (other spacing available on request)
Grouped spacing (optional)
5 different emitters:
- 0,67 l/h @ 0,7 bar (0,8 l/h @ 1 bar)
- 1,08 l/h @ 0,7 bar (1,3 l/h @ 1 bar)
- 1,30 l/h @ 0,7 bar (1,5 l/h @ 1 bar)
- 1,99 l/h @ 0,7 bar (2,4 l/h @ 1 bar)
- 3,16 l/h @ 0,7 bar (3,8 l/h @ 1 bar)

Main features

Neptune HW utilizes an emitter that guarantee high durability and efficiency in the most demanding conditions.

Neptune HW has the following characteristics:
High mechanical resistance for quick easy installation (shorter laying installation times and therefore lower labour costs and less risk of damaging the product);
Very high resistance to clogging, thanks to the design of the emitter, optimised for use over a number of years:
- An inlet filter prevents sediment deposits from
- entering the emitter;
- Outlet hole made using precision mechanical technology;
The high efficiency allows long lateral lines with very high emission uniformity;
Excellent CV (Coefficient of Variation);
Blue stripe for easy identification;
Product identification code printed on tube;
Extrusion process with simultaneous insertion of the emitter to guarantee uniform dimensions and mechanical characteristics (no welding, no seams).


The Neptune HW dripline is ideal for irrigating permanent and seasonal crops such as:
Vitaceae (wine and table grapes);
Oleaceae (olive);
Rosaceae (apples, pears, plums, damsons, peaches, apricots, cherries, cherry plums, almonds, medlars, quinces);
Rutaceae (oranges, lemons, clementines, citrons, grapefruit, tangerines, limes, mapo, pomelo);
Corylaceae (hazelnuts);
Juglandaceae (walnuts, pecans);
Actinidiaceae (kiwi);
Anarcadiaceae (pistachio, mango, cashew);
Punicaceae (pomegranate);
Ebanaceae (persimmon);
Musaceae (banana);
Rubiaceae (coffee);
Sterculiaceae (cocoa)
Moraceae (figs);
Aracaceae (coconut, dates);
Lauraceae (avocado);
Caricaceae (papaya);
Small fruits (bilberry, blackberry).

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