Low Density Polyethylene Hose (LDPE)

Low Density Polyethylene Hose (LDPE)

Round and oval section

The low density polyethylene hose is made from selected polymers to guarantee reliability and practicality.
Its composition ensures a long service life, even in the most adverse environmental conditions.
The mechanical characteristics of the polyethylene tubing make the insertion of on-line drippers easy and secure.


The low density polyethylene hose range
• Diameter 16 mm
Wall thickness 0,9* and 1,1 mm
• Diameter 20 mm
Wall thickness 0,9* and 1,2 mm
• Round section (EHD codes) specifically designed for the insertion of drippers (Euro-Key / Euro-Plus / NGE).
• Oval section (PHW codes) to connect main lines to drip lines.
• Colours:
• Brown and White for round section (EHD codes)
• Black with single blue stripe for oval section (PHW code)

*0.9 mm wall thickness is available for PHW codes only.

Main features

The low density polyethylene hose is characterized by:
• Long service life even in the most severe working conditions;
• High resistance to the fertilisers traditionally used in agriculture;
• Easy insertion of drippers such as
• Euro-Key / Euro-Plus / NGE AL / NGE SF;
• Blue stripe (in the black version) for easy identification;
• Product identification code printed on tube.


The low density polyethylene hose allows transport of water and nutrients in all applications in which use of on-line drippers is preferable or where secondary or branch lines are required.
For above-ground flower and horticultural greenhouse crops, use of the white hose is particularly indicated.
In these applications, use of the white hose allows water temperature in the tubing to be reduced, thus limiting the thermal stress at the plant root.

Codification and performance

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