Drip In® PC

Drip In® PC

Pressure Compensating Dripline with Cylindrical Emitter

Drip In® PC dripline has a cylindrical pressure-compensating emitter, ideal for
irrigating land in difficult topographical conditions or where long lateral lines are required.
Drip In® PC emitter guarantees:
Resistance to clogging;
Emission uniformity;
Drip In® PC can be laid on the surface, sub-surface or hanged on a wire.


Drip In® PC is available in:
Diameter 16 mm
- Wall thickness 1,1 mm
- Pressure-compensating emitters: 1,2 / 1,6 / 2,0 / 2,4 / 3,8 l/h between 0,7 and 4,1 bar
Diameter 20 mm
- Wall thickness 1,2 mm
- Pressure-compensating emitters:
2,0 / 2,4 / 3,8 l/h between 0,7 and 4,1 bar
Emitter spacing 30/40/50/60/75/80/100 cm (other spacing available on request).

Main features

Drip In® PC is characterised by:
Pressure compensating system guaranteeing a constant flow rate even when the pressure varies (between 0,7 and 4,1 bar);
High clogging resistance, thanks to the design of the emitter, designed for use over a number of years;
Self-cleaning diaphragm
The raised inlet prevent sediment deposits from entering the emitter;
Blue line for easy identification;
Two outlet holes on opposite sides prevent suction of impurities;
Product identification code printed on tube.


The Drip In® PC dripline is ideal for irrigating permanent crops on
undulating land and topographically difficult land in general.

Codification and Performance

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