Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™

Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™

FlowControl™ Drip Tape

The new Toro Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ drip tape is the latest advancement in the evolution of precision drip irrigation. It’s the only flow - controlling drip tape available - giving you more control and uniformity wherever you farm.
Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ is the only drip tape on the market able to guarantee precise uniform water and nutrient distribution even in the most difficult topographical conditions.
Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ guarantees even greater water, energy and fertiliser savings, giving optimum results even on land once considered marginal.
The exclusive flow path design, with PBX technology (Proportionally Balance Cross Section), guarantees exceptional performance and very high emission uniform. The emitter has been designed to minimize sensitivity of the flow to pressure variations for a relatively constant flow rate even in the toughest working conditions.
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Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ is available in the following models:
• Diameter 16 mm (5/8”)
Wall thickness 6/8/10/12/15 mil
• Diameter 22 mm (7/8”)
Wall thickness 8/10/12/15 mil
• Dripper spacing 15/20/30/40/45/60 cm
• 3 emitters
- 0,51 l/h @ 0,7 bar
- 0,76 l/h @ 0,7 bar
- 1,01 l/h @ 0,7 bar

Main features

The constant quest for innovative solutions able to
satisfy even the toughest irrigation requirements has led to development of a drip tape with exceptional characteristics:
• Low sensitivity of the emitter flow to pressure variations (flow coefficient X: 0.30);
• High resistance to clogging thanks to PBX flow path design;
• High mechanical resistance for quick easy installation (shorter laying times and therefore lower labour costs and less risk of damaging the product);
• Extraordinary efficiency, allowing long lateral lines with very uniform water distribution and therefore high crop uniformity;
• Durability and excellent reliability achieved through meticulous design and constant, precise control of the extrusion process;
• Three-hole outlet section made using laser technology;
• An inlet filter prevents sediment deposits from entering the emitter;
• Excellent CV (Coefficient of Variation) thanks to the precision of the flow path which guarantees a completely turbulent flow;
• Double blue stripes for easy identification;
• Single extrusion process, guaranteeing uniform dimensions and mechanical characteristics (no welding, no seams);
• Product identification code printed on tube with laser technology.


Aqua-Traxx® FlowControl™ is ideal for irrigating extensive and horticultural crops where:
• The topographical conditions are particularly difficult, such as uneven land, hills and marginal areas;
• Where particularly long or sloping lateral lines are required.

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