PVC Flat Hose

Farmland with drip or sprinkler irrigation systems.


Handy, lightweight, flexible, it can be installed without damages;
Ideal for connections, main lines and second lines;
Easy to join, cut and drill to insert joints. The use of woven polyester yarns assure stability over the entire tube length.


Material: made by synthetic yarns of high strength polyester and 3 layers;
Range of operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 70 ° C (over 44 ° C decrease the operating pressure).


The Ag-flat line Low Pressure is blue colored and it is the best solution for drip irrigation that can be fitted directly on to the line using the special couplings .

The Ag-flat line High Pressure is green colored and it is the best solution for mini-sprinkler system and main feed lines can be fitted directly onto the line using the special couplings.

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