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Neptune PC

Neptune PC is Toro’s new Pressure Compensating drip line available with ANTI-SIPHON emitter with flow rates 3.8 - 2.4 and 1.6 l/h between 0.5 and 3.5 bar.

Its innovative features make Neptune PC the most advanced choice for irrigating permanent or seasonal crops in any topographical environment including hilly and undulating terrains.

Neptune PC provides high emission uniformity, high resistance to clogging and multiyear durability. Neptune PC is particularly suitable for irrigating orchards, vineyards, olive groves and protected crops in general.

Neptune PC is available in 16 and 20 mm diameters with a choice of 3 different wall thicknesses per diameter: 0,9-1,0-1,1 mm and 0,9-1,0-1,2 mm for 16 mm and 20 mm respectively (see data sheet).

Neptune PC family includes a wide range of spacing, from 25 to 100 cm, and the possibility to have customized grouped spacing to meet the most demanding requests.

A fourth emitter with a flow rate of 1,2 l/h will be available starting from end of May ’16.

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Neptune PC , Permanently Uniform!