Photo Drip irrigation for Hazelnut Trees

Drip irrigation for Hazelnut Trees

The element of success in modern hazelnut cultivation The growing demand for hazelnut on the part of the food processing industry is inducing increasing numbers of farmers to produce it. The use of drip irrigation systems represents the best tool to stabilize production …

Photo Neptune PC

Neptune PC

Neptune PC is Toro’s new Pressure Compensating drip line available with ANTI-SIPHON emitter with flow rates 3.8 - 2.4 and 1.6 l/h between 0.5 and 3.5 bar. Its innovative features make Neptune PC the most advanced choice for irrigating permanent or seasonal …

Photo Micro-Irrigation kit for DIY vegetable gardens

Micro-Irrigation kit for DIY vegetable gardens

Toro Ag is pleased to announce the launch of U-Kit250, the complete micro-irrigation kit made for both urban and residential vegetable gardens. U-Kit-250 is available in two models, with and without controller. U-Kit250 is intended for delivering water to your plants …

Photo Neptune


As part of the extension of the microirrigation portfolio, Toro Ag presents Neptune the new thin wall drip line with flat emitter. Neptune will be available soon in 16 and 22 mm diameters, 1.1 l/h flow rate emitter and spacing from 20 …