– Revolutionary pressure-compensating mechanism which allows
to obtain a uniform flow even in a wide pressure range
– Patented membrane design
– Significantly improved radius
– Spinner with a high rotation reliability thanks to the particular
cavity in the double bearing body
– Excellent distribution uniformity both at system start-up and
during its operation
– Even more uniform water distribution, thanks to the larger drops
that are less susceptible to the effects of wind
– The particular design of the spinner protects the nozzle from
dust and insects when not in use
– Low range angle in order to maximise under foliage penetration
– The snap hook allows easy disassembly directly in the field
– Hook on the top of the mini sprinkler for easy installation
suspended on a wire
– Available with snap-off deflector (short radius) for irrigating
young trees. As plants grow, the deflector can be removed to
allow greater ranges
– Maximum irrigation start-up reliability: the particular selfcleaning
structure of the spinner guarantees perfect operation
even in the most difficult environmental conditions
– Stake vibrations reduced to a minimum
– Easy identification thanks to colour coded nozzles


Ideal for crops in difficult topographical conditions and ininstallations requiring long laterals

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