WB VI Classic


WB VI Classic

Orchards, nurseries, vegetable row crops and undertree irrigation


Double bearing ensures spinner stability and long life
Low angle of throw for maximizing under foliage penetration
Improved distribution characteristics with large droplet size being less susceptible to wind effects
Anti-insect/dust proof spinner retracts to protect nozzle when not in operation
New Snap Fit bearing provides easy field disassembly
Hook allows for suspension from trellis wire
Available with snap-off deflector (short radius) for irrigating young trees. (Reduces diameter to 30% of statedperformance)
Maximum start-up torque obtained from deflector plateto ensure reliability of start-up and operation in the most hostile environments
Balanced spin rate to minimize stake vibration
Easy identification thanks to color coded nozzles


Materials: robust and proven sturdy double framed sprinkler. Spinner in Nylon
Threads: 3/8” male
Diameter: 4,5-10,3 m
Flow rate: 44-304 l/h
Operating pressure range: 1,0-2,0 bar
Recommended operating pressure: 1,5 bar (Maximum Distribution Efficiency)

Codification and Performance

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