Hazelnut Irrigation

Hazelnut Irrigation

The growing demand for hazelnut on the part of the food processing industry is inducing increasing numbers of farmers to produce it. The great variations in the offer and the quality of hazelnuts have the effect of making the price of the product extremely volatile. It is therefore of fundamental importance to stabilise production and guarantee regular supply of a quality product. The use of drip irrigation systems represents the best tool for achieving these aims, as it efficiently manages the farm’s resources, i.e. water, energy, fertiliser and labour. In the new systems, drip irrigation results in a significantly early entry into production, giving the grower not only interesting results but also a rapid recovery of the investment expenditure. Thus, in modern hazelnut cultivation drip irrigation is a production tool of special importance which can and must be used not only to eliminate the risks linked to unfavourable seasonality but also and especially for controlling production and improving quality.


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