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The new Lama range, is a complete and innovative solution for the filtration of water in agricoltural irrigation.

The wide choice includes:
-Filters: Single or header, manual or automatic, with screen, discs or sand filtering element
-Programmers: DC or battery
-Valves: three-ways, metal or plastic
-Accessories and kits: to complete the filtering station
-Adapters and Fittings

The technical innovations brought by Lama can be recognized:
-In the manufacturing and protection technology of all metal products
-In the automation system of screen filters, hydraulic type of the EKO series, or the electric type of AUTOMESH.
-In the new disc design, which boosts the efficiency of filtration, and improves performances of the automatic models
-In the new three-ways valve GLOBE PLASTIC, another goal of the innovative drive of Lama, designed for the filtration of corrosive water, and made entirely of plastic.

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