Dosatron D3


Water Powered Proportional Injectors

Fertigation, Phytosanitation, PH/TH Correction, Flocculation.


Motor: Different hydraulic piston with mixing chamber integrated
The injection is internal at the outlet
Suction: Self-priming
Built-in air bleeder


Male thread ¾”
Injection Range: 0,2 - 2%
Water flow range*: 10,0 l/h – 3,0 m3/h
Operating pressure: 0,3 – 6,0 bar
Concentrated additive injection: 0,02 – 60,0 l/h
Operating water temperature: 5°- 40°
Average dosing accuracy: ± 10% (chart on demand)
Repeatability: ± 3% (Standard API 675)
Pressure loss: 0,2-2,3 bar (depending on operating conditions)
Motor capacity: 0,53 l – 1 cycle for every
Maximum vertical or horizontal suction of the
concentrate: 4 m

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