Pressure Compensating Maintainable Emitter

Euro-Plus Pressure Compensating Maintainable Emitter is the good choice for longer runs and hilly areas


Removable cap and diaphragm for fast and easy on-site inspection.
Base with fins to keep the emitter in the right position along the line.
High quality materials allow the emitter to withstand both the most aggressive weather conditions and the use of acids and fertilizers commonly used in agricolture.
Silicone diaphragm.
4 mm barbed inlet.
Male outlet offtake for 4x6 mm microtube.


Nominal Flow Rate: 4,6 - 9,2 and 15,5 l/h at 2 bar.
Recommended operating pressure range: 1,0-3,0 bar.
Coefficient of Variation (CV) <5%.
Recomended filtration: 150 mesh.
Compliant with ISO 9261:2004.

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