Complete Micro-Irrigation system for DIY vegetable gardens

U-Kit250 is the drip irrigation kit made for delivering water to your plants in a practical and efficient way - for both urban and vegetable gardens.

Water is the key resource for the life of every plant and is a resource without which no vegetable garden will flourish.
The need for water varies from crop to crop and varies from period to period.
It's good to know that the traditional irrigation method (watering can) wastes 50% of the water!
Moreover, this wastage can cause root rot and it can generate plant’s diseases encouraged by water stagnation.
Thanks to Micro-Irrigation systems it is possible to reduce such wastage up to 90%!
• All you need is in the box!
• Follow the instructions; it is very easy to assemble
• Water where you need, no wastes!

Range and Codification

IT-U-KIT250: Complete Micro-Irrigation Kit
IT-U-KIT250C: Complete Micro-Irrigation Kit with controller

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