Citrus Grove Irrigation

The demand for citrus fruits, with lemons in the lead, continues to increase.
The production of some types of citrus fruit, including in the main producer countries, is unable to satisfy even internal demand.
The use of citrus fruits continues to grow steadily in the processing industry too.
These factors combined require an increase in production.
This increase in production is achieved through a modernisation of the cultivation methods, the mechanisation of activities, the increase of plants per hectare, but mainly through an increase in the quantity and quality of the plant yield.
To increase production and at the same time to improve the quality of the crop.
This is the main challenge that all citrus growers must accept: the ease of sale and the profitability of the plants depend on this.
Tangerines, clementines, oranges, lemons and more: the whole citrus fruit segment today is driven by the demand of the final consumer and by the needs of both the large-scale retail trade and the processing industry.
The former demand products of high calibre, good-looking and good tasting. The latter require uniformity of size and a long shelf-life. Farmers must find answers to these demands.


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